I GET to serve!

This morning I feel so honored and priviliged that God would use me in any capacity whatsoever! I had three people tell me what a great teacher I was. I was their favorite and they enjoy learning from me. I was flattered. But flattery is so temporary. My goal is to hear my God say "Well done my good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord". WOW!!

In the Kingdom of God we have responsibilities. I have never understood how people can say that since they are now saved, they can relax. O no! Yesterday I attendee the Tye Tribbett concert here in my city and my sister was with me. Since it was at her church, she was asked to serve. She willingly accepted to serve instead of enjoying the concert as an attendee. She got up, gave her seat away and simply said "I GET to serve". What a humble attitude! Jesus with skin on. Her husband was also serving in the parking lot outaide missing majority of the concert himself. He willingly stood out there to manage vehicles of the happy concert-goers and comers. Even when it started pouring rain! What a picture of service and humility.

When things do not go my way, I'm tempted to complain or to compare myself with others. But I cannot continue that practice. God has plans for all of us. We can't sulk. We can't grumble or complain. Even when things go well, we should have an attitude of gratitude and humility. One day we will be rewarded for secret closet ministry and for feeding those without. One day God will let the world know that He is proud of His children. Today, we get to serve!


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