Tru-Image Wifestyle Vlog #2

Here is Tru-Image Wifestyle Vlog #2. I actually was not sure if the Lord wanted me to talk about this or not, but as I wondered over the last month, things began falling into place. A message here, a sermon there, quiet times and other conversations confirmed it. So please do listen. There is only one video this

Notes from this vlog:

Scriptures: Isaiah 58, John 4, Psalm 23

Your only complete satisfaction is in Christ. Don’t expect perfect love, understanding and contentment from a man. He can’t do it.

Concentrate on respect and being a helpmeet.

Learn that man. Write down what you love about him and respect him for. Accentuate the positive.

How can I help you?

Marriage is about service and sacrifice on both ends, then satisfaction comes!

R - Remember that you are a sheep
E - Embrace intimacy with the Shepard!
S - Sabbath
T - Trust God!

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