Hagar's Side

This week I will be meditating some on the life of Hagar. Initially she was in a position of privilege although she was Sarah's handmaiden. To be that close to such a wealthy woman of a blessed man of God was special. Perhaps she took too much upon herself and her pride came before herin positions of privilege we have to be careful not to think too highly of ourselves.

Hagar a woman who was pushed to the side. First of all she was a slave and secondly she was a wife who was refused. Speaking against her mistress cost her great trials in her life. Sometimes it makes me think that one little incident can cause a world of trouble. Hagar fled from Sarah, being pregnant as Abraham's second wife. They were not getting along.

Sometimes it is the words of our mouths that open up the gates to unthinkable repercussions. However, Hagar was also a wise woman. She learned from her mistakes unlike other characters in the Bible. She knew the voice of God and obey him immediately when He told her to return. Although she ran away the first time, she also repented in haste and she and her son were blessed.

One thing that I noticed was that Abraham and Sarah never asked her to return. She was sent out but it was God who told her to go back. She may have had some fear since she left on bad terms, but obedience was better than the  sacrifice she was about to make. The Bible does not mention it, but I suspect that God was already working in Abraham and Sarah's heart to receive her back again. We just know that they did.

Another irony we see in this story is Ishmael himself. Although he is the legitimate first born of Abraham, he is not "the chosen one" of promise. Sarah was uneasy about Isaac & Ishmael being together & Hagar was put out. Some of us are paying for our parents mistakes. Some people in our family consider us to BE that mistake. We were the outcasts, those left for dead and the subject of the family tales. But God does not make mistakes. No child is ever a mistake. God promised Hagar that a great Nation would be built through her. God has a wonderful plan for our lives. Whenever we make the choice to obey Him, we can get back on track.

Sometimes God wants us to revisit hurtful situations in our lives. He may be asking us to forgive. Perhaps we need to correct a situation in which we spoke in haste. Maybe God is showing you yourself through the life of Hagar.

Divorce did not exist in those days but she was cast out. It was just as bad. Perhaps that is calling you to reconcile with your spouse, or perhaps He is freeing you from future hurt. Whatever God is telling you to do, be like Hagar and do it immediately. Obedience is better than the sacrifice of disobedience.


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  2. I'm remembering that Hagar's well of water had always been there, but she had to "look up" to see it. Peter had to "look up" to stay walking on the water. Let's all Look Up!


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