Marriage Investment

Marriage is a gift from God. Like anything given to us, we must steward it properly. Invest in it. Multiply your love. Cultivate your relationship. Tend to your spouse. When we stand before God, our marriages will be weighed in the balance. We long to hear the Lord say "Well done. You have been good & faithful!"

How do we make this practical in our day to day lives?

Here are a few things we do:

1. Physical affection
Sex is important, but hugs, kisses, holding hands and love pats are needed too! You don't have to get naked to show your love (although we highly suggest it on a regular basis!). We touch often, every time we think to do so. It lets your spouse know that you are thinking of them. So, especially for the ladies, make your skin "touchable". It makes a big difference! Stay clean, fresh and ready for ....whatever!

2. Spiritual nourishment
Don't keep your spiritual life to yourself. It is great to spend quality time with God alone, but God did not make man to be alone. It is one of the primary reasons why he created women. Think about that! We were created to do life together, even spending time with God together. In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve they spent time with God together on a regular basis. When was the last time you prayed or read the Bible TOGETHER. Start today!

3. Emotional investments
Some people say that women need this more than men, but we disagree. Guys need to be told how amazing they are by their wives. Women need to feel secure in their relationships emotionally. So take the time to encourage, uplift and inspire your spouse. When they do well, mention it. When they do poorly, be there for them. We are emotional creatures and need to invest in each other. You are supposed to be your spouse's biggest cheerleader!


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