Presently Waiting

When God makes you wait, it is not because He does not desire to give you His gift, but He gives to us at the proper time and in the proper fashion.

To give too early will spoil the surprise, to give too late will be a disappointment. Like a child that waits on a birthday surprise, we should wait on God. He has promised us exceeding great and precious promises and the waiting is developing more in us than we can imagine!

Learning to wait in God is acknowledging that He has our best interest at heart and that He is even more excited to give than we are to receive. When you are the parent who is gifting your child, it is so fulfilling to give especially to a child who is deserving, patient and grateful.

~ Impatience spoils the Present. ~

By not waiting patiently on God, we defeat the purpose of allowing our good and perfect gifts to change us in our waiting. Imagine the child who expects a birthday present, but gets it the day after for the following year. What good is a gift that is given too early or too late, too immature or over-ripe? No one wants that. It's just not....right.

Perhaps you are waiting to be married,  to finish a degree, waiting to hear about a job opportunity or for the Lord to answer a specific prayer. Your wait may be for healing of something that you or a loved one has suffered from for a long time. Let patience have her perfect work. As we wait, we are being changed. Conditions are being met. Preparation is underway. Trust in the Lord. God's gifts are not always what we expect, but they are what we need.

A perfect example is pregnancy. Some view this gift as a blessing,  some as a complication to their lives. It is a gift to wait for that cannot be rushed. To deliver it too early or too late would make for complications. Sometimes we know what God has promised us, but we miscarry in the waiting period and never get that good & perfect gift. Timing is everything. We must trust God to fulfill all things when He is ready, not in our own wisdom just because we are expecting. 

Your increased faith and trust in God is built in the journey, which is its own reward!

So how do we presently wait? We work in great expectation of reward! If you never expected a paycheck from your employer,  how would that change your work ethics? Most likely,  you would be tempted to quit right? Well....when the God of the universe says that He has something good and perfect for you, how do you work while waiting then?
~They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 30:41. ~

While you wait, don't get weary of doing good. Your patience will be rewarded. Persevere in your patience. Keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep believing. Keeping asking, seeking & knocking. The doors God lead you to are sure to open. God's good and perfect gift is on the way. Are you presently waiting? Work while waiting. All will be revealed in due time! Are you presently waiting? Keep working while waiting. All will be revealed in due time!


  1. they say patience is a virtue, but sometimes its exactly what we need in a world of instant this nd automatic that....anything from God is worth witing for - no matter how long the wait! Amen Dr. Mckaney!

    1. YES!! Sometimes slowing down and acknowledging God in our rush is just what we need. Thanks for your comment :) ~ Anita


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