Cut it out

I just had a chat with one of my mentees the other night about the married man who had been hitting on her. It was disgusting really. This person, who was "supposed to be in ministry" was developing a relationship with a younger woman online. It all appeared rather innocent actually. She is cute. He is smart (and married) and they had quite a bit in common.

With a history of sexual abuse on both ends and the right situation, they had been developing an emotional attachment to one another, and...well, she liked it even though she knew she was wrong. Dead wrong! Initial, innocent conversations grew a bit sexual in nature. She led him on even though she hated what was happening. He asked for pictures. They looked forward to hearing from each other, and that was all the fuel the enemy needed to lure them both into sin. No, not physical sex, but mental captivation. You see, the bible is very clear about WHEN sexual sin starts!

  "...but I say unto you, That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart" (Matthew 5:28, KJV).

So what was my advice to her? "FLEE girl, FLEE!". There is a medication called nitroglycerin or nitro for short. It is good stuff, if you have high blood pressure, but you must be careful about how it is applied. It is very hypotensive. Just one touch of it can cause rapid vasodilation and send your blood pressure plummeting. You could find yourself on the floor literally! That is how sin can be. One look, one touch, one moment can be the death of you. Think I am exaggerating? The bible says that the wages of sin is DEATH (Romans 6:23). It is always deadly. Maybe not in an instant, but it will happen.

The pressure that your spiritually conscience provides plummets with each glance, touch or stroke of the keyboard. It is so real that it is truly frightening. So I told her to cut it off. End it now. You can't play with medicine like that. It is only to be used in marriage. Follow the manufacturer's instructions! It will kill you for sure. And thank God she listened to me. As we were speaking, she said goodbye to him and began blocking and closing chat windows, putting up roadblocks to the enemy's entrances in her spiritual life. It was a brave step in the right direction. He did not cut it out so she did. I warned her that this may not be the end, and that she must lean on God's strength to stay away and not her own.

 Like a surgeon who understands the need to remove a tumor, Jesus is ready to help you cut it out too. Will you give Him consent?

Prayer: Lord, I want to weed out anything in my life that is sinful. Please help me to identify it and to get rid of it in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Action: Do some gardening. Cut out the weeds with the right tools!

Watch the scope.


  1. Wow! I hope other women can learn from this. Thanks for being so honest and sharing. I agree with the "Flee, girl flee!!"

  2. You are welcome! Thanks for reading Lauren :)

  3. This was just what I needed to read tonight. Not the sexual sin part, the general sin, "cut it off" part. God laid that verse on my heart over the weekend and I've been turning away from really letting him work it in me. Seeing your post was like him reaching down and tapping me on the shoulder. Thank you so very much!


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