Promoting Christian Blogs!!

Hey fellow bloggers, let's follow, comment and share our posts to grow traffic for the first 2 weeks of September! For every follow we follow back. For every comment, we leave a comment. It's easy. Just add your link. Let's go!


  1. Remember to FOLLOW, LIKE and COMMENT on all blogs!

  2. Interaction is key. You will see more activity on YOUR blog by following, liking and commenting on other's blogs (incuding mine). Let's be generous!

  3. Once you have visited everyone's blogs and left a comment or something encouraging, please indicate hear that you are done. Remember you only have till September 14th to visit everyone's blogs in the linkup. Please be supportive!

  4. Hi Anita, visiting from the "Growing Social Media for Bloggers" Group. Have a blessed evening!


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