Frustration: 2 Ways to Handle Our Thoughts

Frustration is that negative feeling we get when things are not going the way we planned. Married couples know this feeling well. When frustration happens, we have to choose between indulging in the feeling and getting in the slumps or deciding to shrug it off and be positive despite the negativity. It is an unwelcome interruption in our thought process and a distraction to our purpose.

Sometimes I have experienced frustration when I have attempted to do something over and over again without success. I feel like a failure. For example, I felt like a failure as a mom when I had difficulty nursing. I have been frustrated in trying to be a perfect wife (good luck with that!). It is discouraging and self-defeating to wallow in this feeling. Currently, people are frustrated with the racial climate in America. Understandable!

Frustration can quickly lead to anger, self-pity, depression and a host of other unhealthy emotion. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts and our thoughts (Proverbs 4:20-27). They are a perfect battleground for the enemy of our souls. If we think it, we just might act on it! The question is how to do that. Glad you asked!

Capture it!

First,bring every thought into subjection (2 Corinthians 10:5). Defend your mind. Learn to capture your unruly thoughts that lead to frustration. It takes practice. We are already aware of some things that trigger frustration in our hearts, so those things should be avoided right? If a certain song, person or environment cause you immediate frustration, ask the Lord to either remove you from it or empower you to change it!

Re-Capture it!

So let's be realistic. Sometimes our thoughts and emotions are running the show. Just when we think they are captured, they show up again and threaten to undo us. We try and try, but we can feel out of control at times. Be careful to get the right amount of sleep, food and exercise. Your physical activity (or lack thereof) can affect your spiritual activity. Stop things that lend themselves to frustration and replace them with positive actions which will produce positive thoughts.

If you do not replace what you have removed, expect more of the same frustration.

The key is to replace those thoughts with the Word of God. It is your mental offense. Instead of engaging in negative self-talk like "I am so stupid", "No one cares", "I'm such an idiot", "I can't do this", "Those ___ people!!", start speaking to yourself in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19). Quote and sing scripture. Surround yourself with people who are more positive. Go to church. Pray and pray again.

Two things: Proper defense in prayer, and offense in the Word of God can defeat frustration!

Prayer: Father, I confess to you that I am frustrated. So much in my life can put my heart in turmoil. I need You. Show me how to apply the Word of God to my situation so that I can be victorious at all times in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Action: Write down your current frustrations. Attach a scripture to each one and pray over it.

Watch the scope.


  1. Thank you -- this is so helpful. I've begun keeping a hymnal next to my bed, so that I can read/sing through the words of a hymn each evening before I go to bed.

  2. I get frustrated for similar reasons, doing something over and over again with no results is the most frustrating thing!

  3. I believe prayers and faith helps me through frustration. It keeps me focus on Jesus and not on men.
    Great post!

  4. This is a beautiful post. I love how you put it- capture it and re-capture it! :)

    DT | Here I Scribble

  5. Great post and great tips, frustration helps no one

  6. This is a good reminder for us all, we should always make sure that we handle our frustrations in a way that it doesn't consume us. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Thanks for sharing these tips! Frustration can be distracted but let us not forget that sometimes it can propels person to change.

  8. Oh, this is really interesting. Frustration is a really bad thing and this should be handle well.

  9. When it comes to frustrations, I make sure my hubby knows about it so he can handle me well.


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