The Dialysis Gospel

The Bible says that we are all born with "bad blood". We are dying unless there is intervention. God created us to  have a relationship with Him eternally, so Jesus Christ died on the cross to make a way or us to be clean enough to have a relationship with God. He is our lifesaver!

Picture this! The Word of God is our dialyzer. It shows us what is bad in our blood and  Sin is the infection in our blood and Churches are dialysis centers.

When we submit ourselves to the Great Physician God uses workers in the church (dialysis center) to minister to us. However, some people are just in and out of church. "Get me clean again." "What can you do for me this week?" Just because we "belong" to a church does not mean that we have been transformed.

Only when we truly embrace Jesus Christ and go under the knife of the Holy surgeon will we exchange our temporary access for an eternal transplant.

Our old bodies will be done away with. Sin will be finished and we will have eternity to enjoy with our Savior! 


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