It's amazing how God is beginning to open up doors for me to share my grace story with others. I thank God for an amazing opportunity to mentor two women who are younger than I am. I feel that God is giving me an opportunity to be a Titus woman.

In Titus, Paul tells the older women of the church to teach the younger. I hadn't considered myself an older woman until I realize that women younger than me were looking up to me. It's flattering, but it leaves me with an awesome sense of responsibility to assist these younger women to overcome the obstacles that I have overcome in my life and encouraging them to go even further than I have. Like Paul, I consider them like spiritual daughters. I have never had a daughter and so,  I feel that this fills an incredible void in my life.

You never know who is watching your life: your successess, failures, triumphal moments and biggest flops! But someone is. Someone ALWAYS is. I am at the age where I can see where I used to be and guide others, but I also am in need of my older sisters to guide me into older adulthood.

Amazing how I stumbled on Pinky Promise. Check it out here: I have met so many beautiful and enthusiastic women who are hungry for God's Word and for fellowship. The Lord has miraculously blessed me with some very special relationships. Also, my church is allowing me to work in my gift of teaching and the Lord is expanding my territory even more. Glory to God!

Discipleship takes many forms and I believe that the Lord has plans for me in various directions. I am excited for the ride!


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