World War Z: Not WHAT but WHO

On our anniversary we saw World War Z. If you have not seen it, this is your SPOILER ALERT! You may not want to read on.

Wow! First of all, this was a very well made film. I think they used a whopping four or five productiion companies, so it should be! As I was watching I kept waiting for the part that I would hate or a ridiculously absurd plot....but it never came! For a 116 minute movie, it kept me engrossed. I really like a good action flick. So, towards the end of the movie the most wonderful thing happened. I saw some amazing biblical comparisions! I have had these moments in other films as well, especially Superman (the original one).

Mr Brad Pitt is an investigator that used to work for the UN. He gets drafted pretty much to assist them in identifying the reason for a massive zombie takeover in every part of the world. His job is to find out where it started and WHAT can stop it. There are so many questions! World War Z is fast-paced, violent and shocking (especially in 3D)! The only issue is that he has a wife and two daughters to protect. He'd prefer not to get involved at all, but it's the only way to assure their safety.

He leaves his family to "save the world" from zombies, the undead. The zombies themselves are mindless of course and are under the infuence of....who knows what, but it's pure evil. Their only goal is to make more zombies with a deadly bite. Sounds like the goal of the devil to me - allow sin to spread simply to create mindless beings with no goals, dead to everything with real meaning. Enter the savior in this film who finds, not the cure, but a way to "camouflage" himself to sin. Sure he has been made prone to it himself when he left his family but by contaminating himself with a deadly vaccine, he is no longer vulnerable to the enemy's attack. Hmmm....see where I'm going here?

We are all undead without Christ. Jesus took the greatest sacrifice, Himself, to give us the greatest gift - life eternal! He walked right among the zombies to bring us life and they could not touch him. When we accept His sacrifice, we are camouflaged from the enemy by His blood. We become new creatures (Romans 12: 1,2) and gain influence over the realms of darkness in our world. We are also able to help others that are prone to the bite of sin.

As Pitt is trying to figure what happens to normal people once bitten, he makes two discoveries that I want to share. In one scene a woman is bitten on the hand and there is little time to decide whether or not to kill her before her transformation is complete. Pitt quickly cuts off her hand (this is implied but not shown really). We wait to see what's been a few seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and she is NOT a zombie. What happened here? Well, sometimes we have to simply see the sin and CUT IT OFF! That awful habit, that secret addiction or those relationships need to be severed now! There is no time to waste. Sin will kill you whether you believe it or not. 

Secondly, towards the end of the movie, Pitt's last hope for answers lies in contacting the World Heath Organization (WHO) for the deadly vaccines he needs to make himself "invisible" to the zombies and save everyone. It is only here that there is hope. All who went before him proved to be cowards and not up to the task. He is put in a position to handle it all alone (as most heroes are in the movies). He alone finds the deadly vaccine, injects himself and brings what is needed to the others. You see, the question in this movie is not "What is the Cure" but "W.H.O. is the cure". It is in Jesus Christ alone who put on flesh, who takes on the sins of the world and can save us all if we believe Him.

The movie ends by saying that it's not over of course. We must share the solution with others, quickly. Our world is dying. Who is willing to go through the pain of "death to self" in order to join the Great Commission to save the lost?

If you are a zombie, this message is for you as well. The undead can be changed in a moment. Surrender your futile goals to Christ. He will give you a new mind, a new heart and one day, a new body. This is war people. The answer to every question is not WHAT but WHO!


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