Breaking Hearts

Have you ever had your heart broken? Hosea knows all about that. The woman the Lord told him to marry was beautiful and she knew it. She spent her days with him and her nights with other men. It happened so regularly that it became her identity. Hosea felt like a fool....a fool in love. When he asked God why, the response was eye-opening. Israel had "played the harlot" with God Himself. Her heart was drawn away from the Lord and she had slept with His enemies, having children by them. God was saying "See...this is what it's like when my church does not respect me. It breaks my heart!"

Spiritual prostitution. What a disgusting idea, and yet, we have been guilty of the same. In spite of how God has been faithful to us, we so often play the part of the whore and turn our backs to Him. Let it stop today. Return to the Lord in every area of your life. Repent and recommit your heart to the lover of your soul.

Today's scope:

Prayer: Lord, you are married to the backslider. (Jeremiah 3:14) Forgive us for ever not living a committed life to You. Cover us and keep our hearts mended to Yours. You draw us with your love and we will draw others to You, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Action: Pray for someone that you know that has a broken heart today. Ask God how you can show love to them because of the love that God has lavished into your heart.


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