Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 12

Some of us may not truly know if our husbands know the Lord and are in a real relationship with Him. If our husbands claim to be following God, perhaps their actions do not line up with what they say they are professing. This is today's prayer challenge. 

More important than anything is one's salvation. The Bible clearly tells us that an unsaved husband can be won (without a word) by his wife's conduct and behavior! 1 Peter 3:1, 1 Corinthians 7:16  What a REAL challenge!! Ask God how to behave yourself as a disciple in word and in deed.

Here is today's scope: http://katch.me/KimCashTate/v/15ea6cc1-6706-3cf2-8ac3-a5b3e23bd2e7


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