Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 18

If your house is like my house, there can be power struggles. I am a first-born who married an only child and we both could be the "boss of the house", but the Lord has set order in the homes of believers. I have to step back and encourage my husband to lead our home. It's not always easy, especially when he is good at it (if you know what I mean).

As we pray for humility between us, we have an opportunity to pray for ourselves again. May the Lord keep us humble as wives and keep our husbands humble as leaders in the home. Let's pray that they be "servant-leaders" who understand that they cannot lead well alone. Pray for wisdom to contribute when needed and to keep silent when not!

Watch today's scope here: http://katch.me/KimCashTate/v/e8507203-99d1-3fb3-abf5-1e0a785573d4


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