Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 21

Great leadership is supported by great prayer! Even Jesus took time alone with His Father to pray and be refreshed in prayer. As we lift up our husband's leadership, let us also pray for their prayer lives.

I am praying that my husband will always embrace his role as the leader in our family. I pray that our sons will emulate his leadership skills in their own lives and families one day. I am praying that my husband will be surrounded by men who are good examples of christian leadership in their homes, jobs and social lives (that is soooo important) and that he will not abuse his leadership in any way.

Let's also pray that our husband's will look to Jesus as their leader and that we will be submissive to their following as they follow Christ!

Here is today's scope: http://katch.me/KimCashTate/v/2eef696e-8978-3ebb-a926-996c09f76f5b

My Week 3 recap + GIVEWAY info!!  


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