Wives 30-Day Prayer Challenge - Day 3

Peace be still! Do you have peace in your home? In your relationship? Or do you feel like your marriage is in PEICES?

There are times when I feel so fractured as a wife. Not that I am incompete, but perhaps....chipped might be  a better word. When things are not put together in a right way it disturbs the peace of a relationship. The opposite of peace is unrest or war. Soldiers are needed in a warfare. Women, we are soldiers on our homes and our battleground is when our feet hit the floor (or before!).

In the word of God I am reminded that the weapons of this warfare are not carnal (Ephesians 6), but are supernatural. Not only that, but the Prince of PEACE has already won this battle for us! We need to proclaim, decree and declare the peace that has already been given.

Here are some prayer points that I am praying over my husband today:

1. Peace of mind
2. Peaceful spirit
3. Peaceful sleep
4. Peace in decision-making
5. Financial peace
6. Peaceful parenting
7. Peace in his physical body

Here is the scope for today: http://katch.me/NONSuperwoman/v/5bf18a56-b26a-383a-bd3c-1a2d10834019


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