Wives 30 - Day Prayer Challenge Day 11

Healing from emotions past, present and future is what we are praying for today. Some things may be known to you and others may be hidden. I used to think that men were not as emotional as women. Boy was I wrong!! It may not be as apparent, but guys have feelings too. They express themselves differently than women do and we must understand this about them as wives.

Ask for the Lord to direct your prayers in this matter. Asking your husband how to pray for him in this regard may be helpful as well. Just knowing that we are praying for them may bring some emotional healing as well. There is nothing like knowing that you are being covered in prayer by someone you love!

Here is the today's scope: http://katch.me/NONSuperwoman/v/a2577a44-cbc2-3cc3-a11f-bb4467fed3f3


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