Annual Marriage Accounting & Evaluation

It would not be strange to have an end-of-the-year job evaluation.  We are used to assessments in other areas of our lives,  but why should marriage any different? Let's score how well we did this year.

Using the Bible itself as a reference point, we can objectively grade ourselves and our marriages on performance as a spouse and as a couple.

First, let us set the benchmarks. Read Ephesians 5:21-32, KJV.

Husbands represent Christ. The goal is to be like Jesus. How is a guy supposed to meet that standard?! Well...the Bible doesn't say to BE Jesus, but to love LIKE Jesus. How have you loved this year?

Wives represent the Church. They are to follow after Christ & submit to Him. Rate your submission to your husband in areas where he is being Christ-like. Did you make it hard for him to love you this year?

Like a business that has to re-evaluate in the fourth quarter, we should take stock of how our marriages have grown. Did we yield a good return or did our marriage market crash? Are we getting good returns on our lifelong investment? Why or why not? What about your assets, your children?

Your marriage is your business.  So how is business going? 

Have you enlisted some new board members in the form of mentors to hold you accountable? How is the state of your union financially, spiritually,  sexually? Were you able to recover from any setbacks to your marriage this year?What are some of your "Wins"?

In marriage,  we have no competitors. Either we both walk

One of the most important questions is "How are you preparing for the future?". Every risk we take now in this marriage business will come back to bite us next year - for better or for worse.

So let's be couples that strategize, plan ahead, hold each other accountable and take ongoing evaluation to ensure longevity of our most prized relationship - our marriage!


  1. This is so important! I love that you talk about the importance of marriage!

    1. Thank you for reading. Marriage is our most important relationship :)


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