Tru-Image Wifestyle - August 2013

Vows, Contracts and Covenants - Parts I & II

Tru-Image Wifestyle study

Tru Image Wifestyle - defined as a wife who stays true to the original design of God for her as a submitted helper to her husband, whose marriage reflects Christ & His church.

Differences between vows, contracts and covenants

Vow - solemn promise, oath, earnest pledge or commitment  (noun & verb)

Contract - written or spoken agreement enforceable by law, a treaty or pact

Covenant - a binding legal agreement, a law, a promise

Traditional Wedding Vows

As God is my witness - defines vow as covenant

I take you - Genesis 2:24 (leave & cleave)

To be my lawfully wedded husband - only severed legally

To have and to hold - indicates future sexual covenant

From this day forward - instituted immediately

For better or for worse - nature of relationship not based on circumstances

In sickness and in health - not based on illness

To love and to cherish - commitment of mind and heart

Til death do us part - eternal

Tru-Image Wifestyle - adornment

Isaiah 61:10

Colossians 3:12-25

I Peter 3:1-7

Revelation 21:1-3

Jeremiah 31: 1-4, 31-34

John 1:12,13

Put on salvation and righteousness

1. God created & marriage because He loves us. Also to eliminate lonelines, for multiplication and ultimately for His glory to show us a small portion of what complete relationship with Him is like. John 3:16

2. Sin is always the reason for shame, fear, blame, controlling behaviors & guilt in marriage - Garden of Eden Romans 3:23; 6:23

3. Marriage is sacrifice by definition. Complete don’t compete. All things should be done out of love. Inviting Jesus into our relationships is the only way we will learn to love & respect each other. Romans 5:8

4. Receive Christ and receive your husband as God’s gift to you. We accept our wifestyle by faith just how we receive salvation. It is an act of our will and a transformed mind and heart.

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