Covenant Seedtime & Harvest

In John 4, I see three kinds of workers in God's field.

In John 4:1-3, there are followers who are looking for the Christ. These are John and his disciples. They are sowers in the field.

Secondly,  in John 4:39-42 there are those who believe, follow and testify of Jesus the Christ. They are reapers.  People believe because of their testimony. This includes Jesus disciples and the Samaritan woman.

Thirdly are reapers who believe Jesus and go win others although Jesus is not with them. This was the royal official whose son was ill.

I believe that God is calling all wirkers to work the harvest NOW and in this season! It is ready.

Now, look at this!

Yesterday I did my vlog about covenants.  You may want to review the vlog and notes in my previous blog. On the same day my two sisters also gave that Word. I will post links for you soon!

This morning,  the Lord showed me even more about the covenant. Read Genesis 17&18. You will see the contrasting stories of two brothers Abraham & Lot. Abraham had made a covenant with God and the Lord told him that his seed would be blessed. His faith and obedience to go where God told him gave him a blessed inheritance. Lot, however did not have faith. We know this because he lied to protect his blessings. He said that his daughters were virgins when they were married. Abraham's seed of faith (covenant sacrifice) gives him a blessed seed - Isaac. Lot's faithless seed (two broken marriage covenants) reaps ungodly seed by his own two daughters that he lied about before.

How important is it that we keep our covenant vows to God? Very. We reap what we sow. Always!

Jesus is not with us in the flesh. He has gone to prepare a place for us. He will FOREVER keep His covenant of blood with us, but our tru-image wifestyle tells others who we belong to. The seed we plant is the seed we reap.

There are many laborers in God's field. Let's all work while it is day, for night comes when no man can work.


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