Who wears the pants?

So you may not know this about me, but I prefer to wear dresses and skirts most times. I am not necessarily convicted when I wear pants but I am free to chose. I chose to look and feel feminine, like a lady. I also notice that most men in my life (three in particular) prefer it too. I'm treated like a lady when I look, speak and act like one. It's true! 

The same goes for my marriage. When I attempt to assert myself in a manly, authoritative manner I get nowhere. When I try to do manly things (fix my own car, play rough with my boys) I don't get far. I even get hurt! Now don't get me wrong. Women do many things and wear many hats, but being a married woman - you shoudn't have to. God instructs us to help not to tell our men to "get out of the way because I can do it better". However, many women are raised to dominate their men, to take control if you want it done right. You wear the pants, make the money, run the business and the vacuum. 

We live in a single parent mindset society. Women certainly can do it all but God did not design us to. God did not tell you to be superwoman. He says that our role is to help. I ask God how to help and where to back off. We were not created to do it all. I let Maurice be the leader that he desires and was created to be. Why should your boss get more respect than your man? How come the things your hubby ask help with are still undone? If you are "the man of the house" your husband never will be.

You see, we are children of light. Women of God are supposed to be different, peculiar even, as compared to those who are conformed to the world's standards. If your wifely role at home blends into society's televised drama, I'm not surprised that your marriage is taking the hit. The bible emphasizes meekness for women. Meekness is not a doormat or a know-it-all. It is a character trait that displays gentleness, softness, submission and humility. That is what a woman with Tru-Image Wifestyle looks like. Wives were made to compliment their husbands masculinity. So let him wear the pants! Take a deep breath. Relax and prioritize then work your wifestyle!

Birthday dress :)

Anniversary on the greens :)

Church Hawaiian picnic :)

Galatians 5:22,23, II Timothy 2:24, 25, I Peter 3:4


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