Humility = doing self....less

I am a good person. I bet you are too. I bet if anyone asked you, you would say that you deserve the decent life you live, you may have even worked very hard to be where you are today. Would you even say that you are a humble person?

Pride is so sneaky. Being proud of others is one thing, but being a prideful person is another. My goal in following Jesus is to be like Him. He was humble. He thought of Himself less and others more. He put His desires aside to do whatever His Father asked of Him. Although we was King of all, He was an obvious servant to His disciples. I want to be like Him.

It is healthy to have good self-esteem, but it should not be our aim. We should feel good about ourselves when we please the Lord. His smile is the goal. Less of me and more of you God!

Prayer: Lord, help me not to think of myself more highly than I ought to think. I do not want to be self-absorbed. Give me a sober mind and help me to see others as You see them in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Action: Just for today, take on the role of a servant. Do what others ask of you without grumbling, complaining or arguing. Serve without being asked and give more than is required. Be self-LESS.

Watch the Scope:

Do self....less.


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