Decisions Determine Destiny

What is your destiny? Where are you headed? People tell us that we should set goals, deadlines, benchmarks. Like water, what you decide to do today, will ripple through eternity. It never stops. Every action today has a reaction tomorrow, so it is wise to heed their advice.

What about your spiritual life? People set goals for their physical life like exercising, eating healthy and losing weight. We set financial goals like getting out of debt and saving for retirement. We even set goals for our children, business and ministry, but what about our spirit?

Are your spiritual goals just to get through this life without harm? Just to connect with God daily? If so, you aim too low, you are too short-sighted. The spiritual goals you set for yourself should have eternal gains. For example, the goal is not just to read the bible daily, but to study it and be able to teach it to others who can then teach others.

Our God is big. Set bigger goals. Aim higher. Reach further. Think broader. Eternity starts NOW!

Prayer: Father, help me to make wise decisions today, tomorrow, this week and the months and years to come. Let me not waste time, but invest in eternity in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Action: Write out your life goal. What do you want to accomplish before it is all over. Morbid...I know, but purposeful!

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  1. I don't think this is morbid! It's always good to have goals to be aiming for things, otherwise you might be walking around aimlessly!


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