No matter what I do, I cannot keep our boys small!! Lol! They are growing quickly daily. A part of me does not like that they are eating more, bigger, faster and smarter, but a part of me is grateful that all these things are happening because they are maturing. They won't be babies, or little boys or pre-teens forever. Like plants, we are simply trying to provide the right conditions. We are also trying to enjoy each challenging phase of growth. The difficulty does not lie in their ages, its just that when we get used to one age or phase, they move to the next. We want them to grow and mature and reproduce, no doubt, it can just be, well...surprising! 

The Lord does not want us to be stagnant in our spiritual development either. He wants us to grow daily, mature quickly and reproduce as well. The challenge is those in-between phases of change. We just don't fit into the clothes or habits we used to wear. We are outgrowing worldly and secular friendships and environments. We can read for ourselves now. 

We are learning to be teachers instead of students and not only grow up, but lead others in discipleship.

How have you grown in the past year? Measure your growth by your spiritual appetite and development. Are old sinful habits dying away? Do you embrace new challenges that increase your faith or do you still shy away? Have you matured to the point of reproduction? Are others learning about Jesus from you? 

Prayer: Lord, I do not want to stop growing spiritually. Show me areas in my life that need to be stretched or strengthened. Put me in the right conditions to grow into what you have planted in me. Let me not rebel against your guidance, but embrace maturity in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Action: Find some old pictures at various phases in your life. Make a timeline of physical and spiritual growth through the years. Were there periods of immaturity or no growth at all? What can you do to provide conditions that will push you forward?

Watch the scope:


  1. I love this! We must put in the time and effort to walk towards God everyday, just like everything else in life. Thank you so much for the reminders.. God is good!

    Farrah and London


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