Mckaney Summer

When I was younger, I never went to Camp. My parents could not afford such luxuries on such a meager income. I would admire the other kids who were able to go. I wish I had their life because it seems like so much fun. I later realized as an adult that these things are expensive but I was determined to give my children think that I was not able to have.

I believe that in a way, that is the way the Lord feels about us. He went through many things as a human on this earth in order to give us not only in abundant life here but eternal life in heaven. A father always looks to the good of his children. I pray that our boys will remember these experiences and glorify their Father in heaven. I also pray that they will use the learning they have acquired for His glory!

Summer Camp 2016
Classroom Antics Tech Camp



CAVS day at camp


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