Your Invitation

There is just something special about being invited to be at an event. You feel included, a part of the action, loved even! When you are the person giving the invitations, you may know in advance exactly who you want to be there, and who you want to exclude as well. Some people RSVP and let you know that they accept and will be at the event while others just show up or "crash the party" uninvited. It used to be customary to thank your host or hostess for an invitation as well. That practice has gone out of style, but it is still a nice gesture.

The enemy of your soul also wishes to extend his invitation to you. He makes grand promises of a wonderful life doing things on your terms instead of seeking the Lord. His invitation catches your eye and is quite appealing really, and you have a choice. Two invites at the same time. Where do you really want to end up?

Jesus extends an invitation to whosoever will hear (Revelation 222:17). You are welcome at His table. You can even bring others with you. His door is always open and there is room for many more. That is what I love about Jesus. He is inclusive and leaves no one out!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I accept Your invitation into my life. My response to You is yes. Yes to whatever You desire of me, from me or for me. Thank you for preparing a place for me in Your Kingdom (John 14:3), Amen!

Action: Get an invitation and invite Jesus to your place then RSVP with Revelation 3:20 and place it in your Bible or a place to help you remember.

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