Compassion is usually a strong feeling of empathy towards someone or something. If we are to be compassionate like Jesus Christ, we need to be willing to let others touch us. Sometimes, we are so fascinated with our own lives that we do not look to see who is around us. In the biblical story of the woman with an issue of blood, she pressed her way through the crowd to touch Jesus. He did not ignore her. Compassion and virtue overwhelmed him. He looked around to see who had touched him.

Who is trying to reach out to you that you are ignoring? Who could you be sharing the love of Jesus with that you just pass by? It is important to let our hearts be hurt by the things that hurt God's heart. When we withdraw from the hurt and pain of the world we are less like Jesus. He felt every sting of criticism and every frustration. He willingly entered into pain in order to set us free from it. The Passion of the Christ started with compassion for all of us.

Obviously, we cannot be Christ, but we can bring Him into a situation and He can change it. We can introduce others to Him and their lives can be changed for the better. If we are compassionate that is.

Prayer: Lord, open our eyes to those who are hurting around us. Let us not be so self-absorbed that we dismiss the chances to show compassion.

Action: Go through your mail from the past week. Are there any chances to show compassion? Pray about what you should do then do it.

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