When Jesus established His Church it was down a very hard path. The Church was founded on blood not brick and mortar. It was the responsibility of the disciples to continue to build and expand it. It was not enlarged with finances, loans and mortgages, but with the power of the gospel and their testimonies.

When we hear the term "churchy" today, it has a negative connotation as if something is wrong with being a part of God's Church. Some feel as though too much church brings a disconnect from earthly things...well, that may be correct actually. Where in the Bible are we told to fit it, assimilate and imitate the world. How is making Church more worldly a good thing.

Let's really think about this. Lovers of the world are enemies of God. Trying to make church more suitable for the residents of this world seems like an oxymoron.

The gospel is offensive. It was never meant to make us comfortable in this wordly environment, so why do we expect people who are not in the family of God to understand things of the spirit?  

Many things that are church-like are in no way related to what Jesus came to establish. It does not resemble the Bride that He is returning for. Jesus came to show us our sin and how far from God we really were. Not only that, but He also came to be the bridge needed to connect that relationship. He is our Priest and lives forever to make intercession for us. We cannot know God or be a part of the Church - the Body of Christ - without that relationship.

So if churchy means that we denounce every part of what it means to be worldly, are you ready to embrace that? Jesus did. He was born here just like us, but when questioned about His family, He identified His family as those of the faith. The Bible speaks of being born gain, not of water, but by the blood of Christ. When you are born in to the spiritual body you realize that all that you knew is changed. Church becomes a priority and you have a new family, new vision and new priorities. You learn to stand out instead of blending in. We are not home yet, this is just a lifelong journey towards eternity!

Prayer: Father, I am in this world, but not of it. Teach me to live as a stranger, a foreigner who is just passing through. Help me to understand the things of the Spirit and to help build your Church, your Kingdom in this earth in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Action: Imagine that you are an alien. List some things that make you different or peculiar from those not born again.

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