True Beauty

You are beautiful because God made you and He don't make no junk. We know beauty to be a very subjective, human thing. What does the bible say about beauty? God's views are different from ours. You may be surprised. Psalm 149:4 days that "the Lord beautifies the meek with salvation". Look at that scripture. There is no reference to anything physical whatsoever. Imagine that!

Being beautiful in the eyes of God is all about what He does in and through you, not what you do to yourself to be beautiful.
How many beauty products do you have to enhance, hide, color, darken, lighten or perfect yourself? You are God's canvas and He is finished! People usually attempt to beautify themselves for others. Who are you getting pretty for? There is no person we should be seeking to impress more than our Jesus. I wear what my husband likes because I am his. Wear what God likes if you belong to Him!

So let's talk about meekness since that is the element that lends itself to beauty. Meekness is gentle, quiet power under control. It is similar to being submissive (hint to all the wives). It is being non-resistant, tame. When we yield to the Lord, it is beautiful in His eyes. It begs the question: In what areas are you resisting God? In what ways does He have to prod you to be obedient?

There is no greater show of meekness than when we cry out to the Lord for salvation in our broken state. There is something about acknowledging our helplessness and need for Him that draws His attention and grants us salvation - which is beautiful!

Prayer: Lord, I surrender myself to you. I submit to Your Lordship over my life. Beautify my life in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Action: Look at old photos of yourself. How did you feel about your beauty then...and now?

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