Secret Prayer - 3 Reasons

I had not recognized until recently how often Jesus was in secret prayer with his Father. Majority of the prayers done in the New Testament are those in secret, not corporately. They is certainly power in corporate prayer and it is something that we should do, but there is great potential in private prayer as well. The Bible instructs us to go into a secret place a secret closet to pray (Matthew 6:6). It says that the Lord who sees us in secret will reward us openly (Matthew 6:18). The movie "War Room" has encouraged many many people to spend personal in prayer to petition the Lord on the behalf of themselves and others. Many people who have not taken their prayer life seriously now had a better idea of what it could look like for them.

But why pray secretly?

There's a story in the Bible that talks about one person who wanted to be seen as they prayed and had a prideful spirit versus another person in the shadows who cried out for mercy (Luke 18:11-13). There is something about coming to the Lord in a secret prayer space that puts us our hearts in a humble position before God.

Here are 3 reasons for Secret Prayer.

1. It develops your relationship with God. The more time you spend with the person the deeper your relationship becomes. It is the same with our father. Prayer is two-way communication. In this prayer space you can get to know God and learn his voice as well.

2. Secret prayer makes God's voice clearer. The discernment and that you can develop during this prayer time will assist you when you walk away from that prayer closet. Learning to hear God's voice in the silence is one thing, but being able to discern him in the midst of busyness is paramount.

3. Jesus instructs us to spend secret time in prayer (Matthew 6:6). His own prayer life was a perfect example. During many times would Jesus part away from the crowd and spent secluded time with the Father in prayer. If Jesus found this important and He instructed us to do it as well, then we should.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to spend secret prayer time with You and to make it a priority in my life.

Action: Designate a certain time and place to pray to the Lord in secret.

Watch the scope.


  1. What an awesome post and how fortuitous! I am this very minute working on Matthew 6:5-8 and how our prayer times should look based on our example from the Lord. God Bless!

    1. Thank you & what divine timing! Appreciate you stopping by :)


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