Family First!

Our children are not our priority. Our marriage is. *GASP* Some people may not agree with me on this, but our marriage is the foundation of our family. We love our boys something fierce, but we have to put our lives in right order. It goes without saying that God is central to our lives, but He is not on my list of priorities. He is EVERYTHING! He is not after, He is intertwined into all other facets of life. Marriage is the first and most important relationship, then that our our children.


We did things "the right way" and waited until we were married to have children. We actually waited five years! That was a blessing. We had met online and we needed that time to really get to know each other and do the marriage thing. Honestly, we had only had three real face-to-face dates before we were living with each other as a married couple, so it was time well-spent.

In our 15 years, we have learned the importance of communication, forgiveness and loving each other in the way we understand. I am big on love languages and understanding Maurice's love language revolutionized the way I love him. I highly suggest "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. We learned many other things as well (some are listed in a previous post called "15 things we know about Marriage").

Children in Marriage

Enter the boys. If you are a new reader, we have two boys. They are now 9 and 10 years old - and a handful! One looks just like me and the other is his dad! Our youngest son Chay is a super clingy kind of guy and always wants to be up under me, sit next to me, hug me and would never let me go. Except Maurice will have none of that. So we have taught him that I can be his "girlfriend" so to speak, but I am daddy's WIFE! Big difference. We taught him that way because #1 - He will have no girlfriends any time soon and, #2 Marriage trumps girlfriend/boyfriend relationships always!

Instructing your children about the priority of marriage at an early age is huge. It will define all future relationships.

Along with investing time in your marriage, instill within your children the proper respect for your spouse. The children of light must train their children differently if we are to have a culture that will please the Lord in the coming generations.

Prayer: Lord, help me to put all of my relationships in proper order according to Your will. Help me to teach and model this for my children as well in Jesus name!

Action: Instruct your chidren about making marriage a priority and to respect that union.

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