Your daddy loves you

Your daddy loves you. He always has. No, not your earthly father, your heavenly Father. He may not hear from you much, but He is always around.

Let me tell you about my dad. I was his first born daughter and he was disappointed. He wanted a son, his namesake. He never really told me but it was noticed, especially when he had two more daughters after me. No worries though...I am over it. How could he resist my chubby little face and eyes that had me mistaken for an asian baby? No way. I was his like it or not.

No so with God. He not only wanted you, but He chose you from the foundation of the world to be His chosen possession. He designed you and fashioned you in your mother's womb... to be His own special treasure. You may not feel wanted or deserving, but let me tell you that God thinks that you are both. He wants a relationship with you and you deserve that. We all can have forgiveness and love and acceptance in Christ.

Do not let the enemy tell you otherwise! God is jealous for you (Exodus 34:14). He wants your full attention and love, not a replica, no substitutes, just you, the way you are...the way He made and likes you! Everything about you has purpose. You have unique gifts, talents and skills unlike any other person on earth and the Lord has phenomenal plans for your life and for your legacy (Jeremiah 29:11)!

If your self-esteem is down, let these thought pick you up. You are chosen (John 15:16, KJV). You are loved (John 3:16, KJV). You are special (Deuteronomy 7:6).

Prayer: Father, where my earthly father has failed, you never have. Thank you for your love and acceptance of me. Help me to make you proud!

Action: If your father is living, make sure that he knows that God loves him by your actions!

Watch the scope.

My dad, mom, sisters and I.


  1. Such a beautiful post, Anita! And so much truth about our heavenly father :) He is a jealous God and wants us just as we are. He is all we need!


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