You Can't Judge Me!

We are guilty and that's a fact! Maurice likes coffee and I like tea and we both drink too much. We know this, but we don't want you to tell us! Most people know when they are wrong, they just don't want to be caught or accused. It's the shame that we run from, even in marriage!

Well...a judge is one who sits in authority in order to tell the difference between what is right and wrong, what is lawful and what is not. There must be a law to be judged by in order to be accused of doing wrong. God gave His people rules, laws and commandments. He knew that they could not always keep them. So they were, like we are...guilty!

When our boys get upset and feel our rules are unfair or should not apply to them, they break them. They are then punished because they did what was wrong (even if they felt or understood it to be right). Some people get offended because they feel as though they are being accused by others with no basis. That could be true. However, whatever law you choose to use, know that you put yourself under it as well. Not even a judge is above the law! Except Christ.

Jesus did strange things. He broke Jewish and traditional laws. You may wonder why Jesus ate and healed people on the sabbath day (which was unlawful to do). In the eyes of others, He was blasphemous by "claiming" to be the Son of God for which they eventually crucified Him.

We err when we try to judge others. The same judgment falls back on us. Praise God for mercy and longsuffering with us. His judgment is always right! The truth is that Jesus was above the law rightfully. He made the law and He fulfilled it, He transcended it even. God is not fair always, but He is always righteous.

Prayer: Lord, You alone are the final judge. Help me to be obedient to You and not to look down on others. Forgive me for my self-righteousness and make me holy as You are holy in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Action: Let someone off the hook. They may owe you a debt or a favor, but just forgive it. Set them free.

Watch the Scope.


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