Worship stems from the heart. It is when we honor, pay homage and highly esteem someone or something. Since I live in the USA, we do not have kings as a political authority. I live in a democracy. We worship whatever we want however we want to. If we lived in an aristocratic society, you would see people paying great honor and giving respect to their Kings and Queens. That is what I think of when it comes to worship. God makes the rules and we obey them....happily. Why? We know He has our bets interests at heart. He gives us a peaceful existence when we trust in Him.

Sovereignty. God is Almighty and should be worshiped as such!

Your worship can be in a song or dance, in a poem, art or in silence. Worship happens in church, at home, outside in the woods and in your secret closet. It may be while you are raising your hands, standing, kneeling, prostrate on the floor or seen in your tears. I do not know of a wrong way to worship God, but there are many right ways!

Some people notice that as a personal reminder of God's sovereignty in my life, I always capitalize His name and any personal pronouns related to Him. In Jewish culture, you cannot speak His name. Some people hesitate to write it. He is a Holy God and should be reverenced and worshiped always. Let us not forget how worthy of worship He is!

Prayer: Almighty God we worship only You. Let us acknowledge You are THE sovereign power and authority over any other ruler, king or authority. Help us to remember that and to fashion our lives accordingly. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Action: Worship God in a new way.

Watch the scope: https://www.periscope.tv/anitamckaney/1vAGRplqLOVxl


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