How to be Content

Contentment. Satisfaction. It is elusive to many of us. Most things that we desire tend to leave us wanting more. More money. More power. More love. More peace. When is enough well, ....enough? There needs to be a balance between too little and too much. God helps us find the key in the words of the Bible.

Why do disciples of Jesus strive for contentment anyway? Let me give you the best reasons.

Philippians 4:12
When we realize that the Lord is our source we are not so anxious to acquire everything that we do not currently have.

Hebrews 13:5
With God we have everything that we need. The stuff that we think we need does not fill us. Only God does that!

I Timothy 6:6-7
Most things we see, desire and lust after are only temporary. When we pursue godliness, we are reaching for things that are eternal.

Luke 12:15
Greediness is a trap. Life is much more rewarding when it is the abundant life that Jesus promises those who come after Him (John 10:10).

Prayer: Lord, I don't want to be a greedy person. Help me to pursue godliness and the great gain that comes with knowing You as my source of all things good. Give me an eternal mindset so that worry and anxiety will not overwhlem me in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Action: Go on a shopping fast today. No fast food. No quick trip to the store. No shopping therapy. Nothing from the cafeteria at work or school. Read and listen to the lyrics of this song:

Watch the Scope:


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