Be a Witness

When you read that phrase "Be a Witness" what kinds of feelings do you have? Do you feel guilt? Do you get fired up? Does it make you curious? Well, let's examine that word witness.

A witness is a person who has observed something and can testify and/or offer proof of that event. In other words, they saw, heard or experienced what happened and can share information. Many people use it as a slogan or a logo for sports teams and in courtrooms where proof is needed in a case.

Being a witness is usually voluntary. If a person is to share information with others, if it is found to be coerced, it is not truly reliable. A forced testimony is not a real testimony at all. So what about your? Are you a witness? Have you tasted and seen that God is good (Psalm 34:8)? What has He done for you since you first believed? Have you shared your testimony with anyone at all. The world today affords us great opportunities to share our salvation in a multiplicity of ways and means. So go be a witness!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for giving me a testimony to share. I want to be a better witness of what You have done for me. I thank you in advance for the opportunities that You will give me.

Action: Ask the Lord for an opportunity to share your testimony. Do not be ashamed!

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