Best Sermon Ever

The Church is a teaching hospital for the sick. It is a training station for new disciples and a place of healing for those who need to be cured from sin. You do not put the sick in charge of the sick, they would all die. No, you put those who have proven themselves in charge. They are the physicians, the ones who have gone through before and know how to lead others to life. We consider them an authority on illness. If everyone, all the workers at the hospital, were to be in charge, there would be chaos. If all the surgery interns felt like they knew everything no one would increase their learning. The patients would be anxious to get a second opinion for sure!

No one trusts a Pastor who lived in a willful state of sin. No allergist does brain surgery either. The body of Christ needs to learn to function as a body and not the Head. There is only one head, which is Christ! Then there are those who are His disciples those who follow Him and implement what He has taught them.

When Jesus taught sermons in the synagogues, they were confused in His home town. "Isn't this Mary's son. Are not his brothers and sisters all here?", they said (Matthew 13:54-58). His wisdom and grasp of holy scripture was mesmerizing and authoritative. Those "in charge" felt some kind of way. He was preaching the best sermons ever and they were offended by Jesus because they enjoyed the fact that they knew more than than the membership of their congregations.

However, when you trust your surgeon, He can finish His work. He can work mightily in you.

Prayer: Lord, help us not to lean to our own understanding. We trust you with our lives. Teach us to function as a working and needed part of the Body in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Action: If you are not a part of a body of believers, ask the Lord to place you where you belong. Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together (Hebrews 10:25). If you have a church, how can you be serving and doing your part for the "sick" among you?



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