Everyone knows that halftime is when people pay attention. You may be able to predict a winner for the game. It is the turning point. Either you want it bad enough to win or you don't at halftime.

Well, the bible doesn't tell us when "halftime" is up, but we do know that we are closer than ever to the return of Jesus Christ. There is not a minute to lose. Every second counts for eternity. How are you using it? The bible tells us that our lives are like a breath - inhale, exhale, over. Just look at how fast children grow up. I always think to myself that my boys were "just born"! Not so, but it feels that way.

Prayer: Father, we know that time is short. We need to be urgent about our Your business. Help us to cut things out of our lives that are wasting time and to focus on what matters most. In the awesome name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

Action: Do an evaluation of your life today. What things are important, but not urgent, that you can re-prioritize in order to do what is best? What things in your life can you replace with what God has called you to do?

Watch the scope: https://www.periscope.tv/anitamckaney/1ypJdMddWAdxW


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