Stop being chased

Earlier last week, my son was being chased around the house by his brother. I was watching the whole thing from the top of the stairs. One of our house rules is no running in the house. So when I confronted my son about running, he blamed his brother. "He was chasing me", he said. I responded, "Then stop being chased. You can choose to stop running and obey the rules. That is under your control".

When I thought about that a short time later, it made me think about how we often blame other people and circumstances for our present failures in life. We seldom take full responsibility for our own actions even though we are completely under control of ourselves. I've heard it said that people may act a fool but your reaction shows if you are one as well.

Then I thought about how the enemy likes to "chase" the saints. He likes it when we give him the credit for our hardships. "The devil made me do it." or "That devil is so busy!" Stop being chased! The one who is the chaser can only chase something that is running away. God has not called us to run from our enemies, the devil or hardships in life. He has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

It is close to Halloween and folks are enjoying being scared. They get a thrill out of fear. I do not. I don't want to be chased so I will not be. The chasee gains power over the chaser when they stop running. Stand and face your fears. You have more control than you claim. Use it.

God's grace is sufficient for you. So even if you feel like you are being chased, God will not allow the enemy to overtake you. It's a scare make you run in fear. Stand still. Do what you know is right. Your Father is watching the whole thing!


  1. Excellent post that speaks to my soul and circumstance. Amen. God bless you mightily!


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