One Month on the Web

How do you know when God has His hands on something? It grows, it multiplies. Whenever God speaks a word, it is never just for a moment in time. No, He makes big plans that started before we were formed in the womb. His plans are never about just one person. He does not make a tree just to show it off, He makes multiple forests throughout the World to show His glory.

That is why I am in awe of my Savior today! He has done marvelous things and that my soul knows well! So what am I talking about? I am referring to Wifestyle Image Network ( The Lord planted this seed in my soul back in September a month ago. I had no idea what would happen. At first, there was just a pebble in the pond that left a ripple, but the ripple has been rippling ever since! As a matter of fact, I am seeing waves that I can surf on coming at me. I am waiting for the typhoon because that is how God works.

When the ideas for the network were forming, I envisioned a web, an interconnection of relationships to support one another and build each other up. It is intertwining and complex yet ever so simple. Be a disciple, make a disciple and teach them to make a disciple. That's it. The Great Commission on a web. First, it starts in the corner of a house, then takes over a room then the house. What I did not expect is an international web. Really God? "Really" he said. It is the body of Christ. Ever reaching and never ending.

Sometimes we think our part of the web is too weak or we compare her web to ours. It's more decorative. She has the gift to make creative webs. She has finances and people build her web for her. Lol! Sounds funny doesn't it? But we have to ask ourselves, how should I be building my web. What is my calling? My ministry? My spiritual gift?

I ask you friends to explore that question with me. How has God supernaturally gifted you to impact this world for His glory?

If you care to share, I'd love to hear it. I will pray with and for you.


If you are a wife anywhere in the world, I encourage you to join the network of women who are passionate about using what God has given them to make disciples of future generations. If you are not interested in fellowshipping with other christian women, learning about discipleship or mentoring others to do the same, please do not join the network. I follow up with every woman so we can brainstorm how God will use your own gifts, talents and abilities to win the world for Christ Jesus. We do not have much time.


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