Schooled on Gameday

For some, Sunday is gameday. Football specifically at my house. My hubby loves the game. As his biggest cheerleader,  I needed to get educated. I was not the groupie or the fan. But to know my man I need to understand what captivates him. Football is captivating. No, I'm not competing with the game, I'm learning about it in an effort to communicate with my husband better.

One thing I learned early in the season is this. If your quarterback is injured (in our case - Brian Hoyer of the Browns), then you need a humble replacement who can still give the team a victory. In our case, that person was Brandon Weedon. It reminds me that if my husband is ever "down" or unable to make the call for our family, I can play the quarterback position. I think I'm pretty good actually. Lol!

Another lesson is timeouts. Most games last three hours at a time. That's a long time to just watch a game. I've often told my husband that his time could be spent in a more productive fashion like reading or spending quality time with me for example, but then I learned a valuable truth. Watching football with him = quality time! Who knew! When I give myself a timeout from giving my opinions and actually practice listening more, my marriage works better. I suggest you try it. Think before you speak. Now that's a new! Not really, but it definitely works!

Well, let me get back to the game.


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