How is your Love Life?

Love is such a misunderstood word. It's an emotion, an action, a noun, a verb and unfortunately, whatever else that we say it is...

We were created to love and to be loved by others. It is a beautiful thing to observe two people in a loving relationship. Whether that is family or friends or spouses, love SHOWS! Even pets that are well cared for are healthier and happier. Your physical heart health is improved through loving relationships. Did you know that? 

So when we ask you how your love life is...what we are really asking is How good are you at loving others and letting others love you? Many times we are impressed when others show us love in a way that we understand and appreciate. How about when their love is misunderstood.

We often have received the cutest little insignificant objects from our sons as an act of love to us on their part. Its not our favorite thing, or in our favorite color. We have no use for whatever that was that they created in the art class or summer camp.

Any clue how I can use these?
Gee thanks!

We appreciate their acts of kindness and their thoughtfulness, but it is of no practical use to us. We laugh about the things that have come through our home that were made and done to show love. Have you ever had someone give you something that you are allergic to? How about if someone goes all out of their way to give you some food items that you absolutely hate? Learning to appreciate the person's gesture is very kind. However, when someone loves you in a way that you can feel and understand and acknowledge that is different. 

When Love is reciprocal and mutual, it will blow your mind! You will treasure those memories in your heart forever. Now that is truly the goal! When most people refer to your love life, they are talking about sex. You can have sex with someone and it is just okay for you. They tried their best it was....well, just sex. Then there are other times when both parties are mutually satisfied and plateaus are reached and Heaven touches Earth! Fireworks! Touchdown! That is the goal!!

God has given us opportunities to know and experience love primarily through the relationships that we experience here on Earth. His goal is not for you to just be loved or for you to just show love, but for both sides of your love life to be equally satisfying.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16, KJV) 

Now that's love! It was love that expressed itself and is waiting for reciprocation. So how is your love life?


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