20 Tips to Love your Family Better

How could you love your family better without saying " I Love You"? Here are 20 ways:

  1. Share Jesus with unsaved family members. The best way to love is to introduce them to God. He IS love.
  2. Spend quality time with individuals. I make dates with my sons individually.
  3. Celebrate birthdays. It is their own special day. Make it a big deal just for them.
  4. Learn to do something they enjoy. Your family will appreciate it.
  5. Hug them every day. Physical affection is a must for family. Touch is a very important thing.
  6. Buy someone in your family a gift just because. This gesture shows that you are actually thinking of them.
  7. Support their endeavors (music, sports, art, academics, business, etc..). They should always be able to count on you!
  8. Play a game with your family. This is still a great way to bond with your family.
  9. Go out to eat together. It makes great memories.
  10. Ask them how you can be praying for them. Ask them to be specific. Either pray right then or keep and list and ask them how it is going a few days later.
  11. Fix them a meal (or dessert :) Everybody has to eat right?
  12. Treat them to a mani/pedi, massage or hair salon (you provide the service). Cater to your family.
  13. Take care of their pet for them (cleanup included). Love what they love.
  14. Wash the car for them. Fill it with gas as a bonus!
  15. Teach a family member something new that you are good at. You will have something new in common that binds you together.
  16. Help with their homework or paper without a reward. Don't make them feel stupid. Encourage academic progress then attend graduation.
  17. Draw/Paint a picture or write a poem for a family member. What a great intentional loving action.
  18. Correct them in love. They will appreciate you later.
  19. Sincerely apologize when you are wrong and ask forgiveness. Wait for a response.
  20. Really listen to them. Pay attention to what they say and don't defend yourself.


  1. This is SUCH a great list! Number 1 is my favorite!

    1. Thanks for reading. Number 1 has to be number 1 :)

  2. I love this list. I will be sharing this. Favorites are 11 and 20

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing!! It was fun to compile this list. It's great to revisit!


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