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Our youngest son went on a school fiendtrip that resulted in a bumpy, scaly rash that reminded me of poison ivy! He was itching terribly and my first inclination as a nurse was to grab the diphenhydramine (benadryl). We tried that and some cortisone 10, then I remembered my essential oils! I quickly researched which oils are good for irritated skin and rashes and whipped up a small batch to ease his symptoms. I had no idea what amounts to use or what I should add first, second or third. I just wanted my baby to get better fast! He had been rubbing, so poison ivy oils spread all over that way. He had bumps and rashes from head to toe. I wanted to cry!

I started by just applying a little to one area. I dabbed it to his skin manually and he said that he felt a little burning, but then "it felt better". I started taking pictures to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was. The rash started to disappear in about an hour. Then, to my amazement, my son told me that he definitely preferred the oil mixture to the medicine. What a pleasant surprise! We began alternating with cold apple cider compresses with the oil mixture and his skin showed an almost immediate change! It was working VERY well. It was time to give more benadryl, but I didn't and applied even more of the mixture instead.

We used patchouli oil with lavendar, peppermint, tea tree and organic coconut oil to ease my son's symptoms of poison ivy! The benadryl and cortisone 10 only had temporary effects. However, combining the oils and alternating with cold apple cider vinegar did the trick! I added about 5 drops of each oil to a medicine cup with the coconut. It even smelled great :) His room was extremely aromatic at that point and he slept like a baby after a little extra lavendar to the bottoms of his feet.

Within about three days, the itching had greatly subsided. He even went to school without a problem. I am completely sold on natural remedies. When you pray and let the Lord direct your steps, He will lead you to what He has already provided for you! God has every cure in the earth that He created. I knew that essential oils and natural remedies were good, but now I am convinced that they are GREAT!


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