Eleven Journals

Way back in the day, I was given my first journal by my mom. I felt special. My secrets were locked away behind pretty pink pages. I remember that it had a lock and key - which I unfortunately lost after a few entries.

Since then I have been better at keeping a real journal. As a matter of fact I have about 11 of them that are full of memories, both happy and sad. I saw myself growing up between those pages. I went from sharing thoughts about not wanting to be best friends with my sisters anymore, to the confusing tween and teen years, as well as my struggles with relationships and being hopeful for marriage then a tragic miscarriage with my husband.

There were times when there were very large gaps, years even, when I did not write anything. It wasn't as if there was nothing interesting happening in my life, it was just either very personal, forgotten or not notable. It's nice to see the documentation of my past, but it is also good to know that I can see how my decisions have influenced my present. Whether documented or not, every feeling emotion and decisions have shaped who I am currently. It is still shaping my future as a follower of Christ, wife, mom, nurse & teacher.
What I love most about journaling is being able to leave my story of for those following after me. From guilt and shame to triumph and victory, God was always with me. If I have followed Jesus, then that's an amazing legacy to leave behind.

I've always added my name to the list of disciples in the Bible. That's how serious I take the Great Commission. It is my calling and yours while we live to make disciples who will make disciples, who will make disciples. I am an Ambassador for Christ, so I like to call them "The Ambassadors Logs". I like that...a lot.

Follow me as I follow Christ.


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