Transcendence *spoiler alert*

Maurice and I watched this movie about a week ago. It was a very interesting and intriguing story. A very decorated Doctor of science and his wife devise a way to "download his intelligence" into a computer since he is dying. It works, and then spirals into an all-encompassing, limitless base of knowledge and understanding once he is connected to the internet - the largest base of knowledge and information known to man besides God. In fact, he is compared to God in the movie.

So let's say that the doctor represents Jesus here. He is a normal guy to everyone except for his genius intellect. There were those who opposed his ideas and thought he was rather radical. He even compared the possibility of his ideas to being god-like. This disturbed people. Even though he was respected, he also became feared in this movie.

Once people knew he was dead, they figured that the threat was over. But, they was a small sect of people who knew that he was still alive but in a different form. They tried to stop him from becoming so powerful. His wife however, stood by his side. Although they "warned" her and asked her to leave him, she would not. He had no human form but became so powerful that he began changing the atmosphere, atoms and people themselves. He told his wife that he wanted her to join him where he was.

The wife of the doctor knew that the only way she could be with him forever was to die when her intellect was "uploaded" with a virus that would shut down the internet. Pretty wild huh? I know, but it's just a movie. Lol.

So, you see where this is going in my mind by now. We are the church, the Bride of Christ. This movie hints that the doctor is a threat to the world. People are being healed and converted to think like him. They don't like it, but his wife still believes in him against all odds. 

When tempted to just curse God and die, we need to stand firm in our convictions. Everything God does is for our good. It is not to harm us, but to bless us and to give us an expected end. As worldwide persecution grows, we need to rely solely on the Holy Spirit for guidance. We may not "see" Him, but He sees us and He is always there!


  1. I'm not the biggest Johnny Depp fan, but you need to see this movie! Wow!


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