Gain by Trade

I am not very familiar with stocks, bonds and trading, but I do know that you need money to make money. I do know that you can increase your earnings by giving up what you have. I know there is risk involved and that the greater the risk, the greater your potential reward. There is a world trade organization, but God says what profit is there in "gaining the world and losing our souls".

I have been meditating on Luke 19:11-27. It is the parable of the 10 pounds. Ten servants are given ten pounds and told to Occupy until the owner of the money returns. Only 3 of them had anything to say when He returned. What happened to the other seven?

One servant gains 10x what was entrusted to him, another 5x. A third servant "laid up in a napkin" the money given to him. The 3rd servant is rebuked for not presenting any gain and his money is taken from him and given to the servant that gained the most.

When we trade, or invest what God has given us, we gain His favor. All we have is the Lord's. He is coming to find good stewards of His time, money & possessions. We are to occupy (stay busy, fill up, get to work) until He comes. Many people have jobs. It is something they do to earn money. Other people have occupations. These are jobs they study and train for. They have useful skills and titles. God gives us skills, talents, abilities and the title of a child of God. Use what God has given you to give back to His kingdom. There is no better trade! Let's not waste what has been entrusted to us. He is coming back soon to reward those who have gained by trading.


  1. The world trade organization has the idea right. Give to get. Lose to gain. Christians need to learn this concept as well.


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