For Generations Following

We are the RE-Generation. We are the called out ones. We are the Church.

If you are a mom or dad, you have a special responsibility to make sure that your children become disciples of Jesus Christ. Just as God disciplines His sons and daughters, we ought to discipline ours. No discipline at the time seems pleasant but yields fruit of righteousness in those who have been trained by it. My grandfather has often told me of stories about how he had to whoop kids who weren't even His!! Lol. A parent knows discipline is important because noo child stays that way forever. How would it look if a grown man acted like a 10 year old? We should be growing, maturing and reproducing more disciples. 

Within the word generation is the word generate. You may rely on a source to give you strength and energy to do what you have to do, but as you grow you also rely more and more on the Source (the Re-Generator) who is God Himself and less and less on others.

When babies are born they are completely dependent on their mothers to sustain them. As they grow they learn to feed and take care of themselves. When grown and mature, they reproduce. They regenerate. It then becomes their job to continue the regeneration.

Watch this video clip of myself and a friend as we discussed regeneration.


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