It's a Turnover

Some people have a love affair with bread, pastries and carbohydrates in general. We are hearing more and more how we should cut back on carbs. They are filling, bloating & make you gain weight. But they taste so good!

The Bible says that Jesus is the Bread of Life. He is our nourishment and sustenance. Putting this Living Word, Living Bread into our lives yields incredible results! As He was, so are we in this world. Jesus was the Light, we are lights of the world. Jesus was the Bread of Life, we are the bread as well.

When life punches you in the face and you go through intensely heated situations as a christian,  just know that it's because you are Bread. God needs people who are willing to be "kneaded", those whom He can "fire up" for the Kingdom work ahead.

You may be thinking, "I'm toast", useless, ill-equipped. You may even be scared to be used by God! Let me encourage you.

Read Judges 7. It's the story of Gideon. He was a timid warrior until he heard about how scared his enemy was! He overheard a dream from the enemy camp in which a mere piece of bread destroyed their tents. Their soldiers were intimidated by the God Gideon served. This increased his faith. He overthrew the army with a mere 300 men!

Be encouraged today. God has already planned a turnover for you. You are about to upset the enemy!

A woman asked Jesus for a miracle. He said "It's not right for me to take the bread of the children and give it to dogs" She boldly replied, "Yes, but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master's table." He commended her faith and she was healed. You may feel like the underdog in your situation but the game is about to be upset. Your enemy is afraid of you and he is already defeated.

The disciples were a band of unlearned, ordinary men who "turned the world upside down" it says in the Word of God! Whatever you are facing that may seem impossible is being overturned in Jesus name. It's a turnover!

In French the word for bread is "le pain". The pain you experience now is leading to a win. Endure it as a good soldier. The victory is ours in Christ Jesus!


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