A Shower of Praise! (Miriam)

As I drove home in the rain today, I was thanking God for another "car wash"..lol. My car was filthy from the previous snow storm and in need of a shower from heaven. It was great to know that I was safe and dry inside while the Lord was making Jackie (that's my car's name) all clean again. She looked like she just came from the car wash minus the wax. I was inspired to get cleaned up myself!

Maybe I am the only one who gets their praise on in the shower. There is just something about being clean and pure before God that lends itself to praise. Many people sing in the shower. It's refreshing and there is a certain "newness" and "freedom" one can express while getting all clean. While taking my shower, the Lord reminded me of this past week's Wifestyle Image Network Youversion study on Miriam (http://www.a.youversion.com/events/320058). I could suddenly relate!

Miriam, who was Moses's sister is remembered for leading the women in praise after the miraculous crossing the Red Sea. The Lord identified who was for Him and who was against Him through the water. I love the symbolism in the Bible. Water is used a lot to describe the Holy Spirit. (Mark 1:10, Matthew 3:11, John 3:5, Luke 3:16)

The water, the Holy Spirit of God will either be working for you or against you. It has the power to cleanse you and protect you, but it also has the power to submerge you. You can allow God to do the work to refresh you or be a tsunami to break you. Make no mistake, God is a rescuer, but He is also judge. We will all stand naked before Him and the shower of the Holy Spirit will reveal your dirt. We can either get clean now or be drowned later. I think I will keep praising Him in the shower.


  1. (A) Perhaps I am the only one who gets their praise on in the shower! Check out my latest blogpost!


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